Ukraine Is a Pluralistic Society

George P. Kent ・ April 2019

Elections should be about choices.  There are many choices in play in Ukraine in the two upcoming cycles – Presidential and parliamentary elections in 2019. ...


Re-enacting real war traumas through public performance may sound risky for the amateur actors of the Theater of the Displaced. This is the challenge for Alexei...


George G. Grabowicz’s advancement to the 2nd round of the competition for the Taras Shevchenko Award provoked a series of attacks on the scholar’s persona and...


The difficulty with Ukraine’s past is that it is intensely contested and controversial. On many issues there can be no definitive conclusions among scholars as...


From Borderlands to Bloodlands

Tetiana Zhurzhenko ・ September 2014

While Russia is a driving force behind the separatist movement, a significant portion of the local population actively or passively has supported the Donetsk and...


The Simple Values of Constitutionalism

Vsevolod Rechytsky ・ October 2010

By allowing a certain stylistic simplification, one could argue that organic constitutionalism is a consequence and a prerequisite of any refined capitalism. And...


On Radosław Sikorski's Othering of Ukraine at Harvard

In Sikorski’s view, Poland and Ukraine demonstrate two diverging trajectories of development after the fall of communism: that of success and of failure respectively. At the beginning of the 1990s the two countries had almost equal starting positions (and Ukraine had an even better one), but then their paths diverged. Sikorski states that the main reason is the behavior of their elites.
Volodymyr SklokinDecember 8, 2014