On Saturday, December 2, 2017, the Shevchenko Scientific Society invites the public to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Krytyka, the Ukrainian intellectual...


The Price of Freedom

Serhii Plokhii ・ August 2016

For Ukraine, Russian aggression raised fundamental questions about its continuing existence as a united state, its independence as a nation, and the democratic...


On Both Sides of the Front

Vyacheslav Likhachev ・ August 2016

It is clear that the topic of “Fascists” in the context of the Ukrainian-Russian conflict entails two dimensions: they can be provisionally described as the “...


The advisory referendum was started by a couple of guys in search of an issue: as the brand-new referendum law was coming into force, they hit upon the EU...


Unknown Territories

Kateryna Botanova ・ March 2016

As overwhelming and overloaded with information as our contemporary world is, we still often find ourselves lost, when facing different cultures and historical...


How to Avoid the Collapse of Europe

Ivan Krastev ・ February 2016

Southern Europe is not interested in Europe turning into an anti-Putin project. This sentiment did not arise because Southern Europeans are especially...


Public lecture by Slavenka Drakulić: "Intellectuals as Bad Guys? The Role of Intellectuals in the Balkan Wars"

Critical Solutions
June 2014

During the II World war something happened in Yugoslavia that was not mentioned later very much in our schoolbooks. And this was the civil war. There was an antifascist war, there also was a communist revolution with Tito, but there was also the civil was between Serbs and Croats, which had enormous consequences for the war to come in Balkans in former Yugoslavia.


From the Editors of Feminist Critique: On the Launch of the Journal’s Website

Feminist Critique is a feminist journal. We consider feminism to be a political positionality and methodological toolkit that are specifically sensitive to power relations and inequalities. As the recent international events show, we still do not have an effective language to grasp political realities. Feminist Critique is our attempt to establish a platform for creation and development of such...
Olga PlakhotnikDecember 31, 2016

Kings or Princes? Why Do the Titles of Rusian Rulers Matter

Christian Raffensperger ・ December 2016

As far as scholars in the Anglophone world are concerned, the proper translation of the Old East Slavic, and modern Ukrainian, kniaz’, is prince. This has been...


Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the head of the LDPR party, envisaged a southern enlargement of the Russian state that would go significantly further than a re-occupation...