Why was the Dutch referendum such an unusual procedure? The European Community/Union has, in the last 60 years, concluded dozens of association, free-trade,...


From the Editors of Feminist Critique: On the Launch of the Journal’s Website

Feminist Critique is a feminist journal. We consider feminism to be a political positionality and methodological toolkit that are specifically sensitive to power relations and inequalities. As the recent international events show, we still do not have an effective language to grasp political realities. Feminist Critique is our attempt to establish a platform for creation and development of such...
Olga PlakhotnikDecember 31, 2016

Public Lecture by Timothy Snyder: "Not Even Past: Ukrainian Histories, Russian Politics, European Futures"

Critical Solutions
July 2014

Ukraine is the European present. We have now reached a point where Ukrainian history and European history are very much the same thing, for good or for evil. The European Union is no longer alone in the world. The European Union can no longer delude itself that it has no enemies.