In a recent meeting with the new French president Emmanuel Macron, the Russian president Vladimir Putin referred to Anna Yaroslavna (also known as Anna of Kyiv)...


Kings or Princes? Why Do the Titles of Rusian Rulers Matter

Christian Raffensperger ・ December 2016

As far as scholars in the Anglophone world are concerned, the proper translation of the Old East Slavic, and modern Ukrainian, kniaz’, is prince. This has been...


Vitaly Andreiev, Nataliya Chermoshentseva. Saul Borovyi: The Jewish Vector in Ukrainian History

Oleksii Yas ・ March 2014
Kherson, Nikopol: SPD Feldman O.O., 2010.
This is an intellectual biography written from the perspective of the authors’ main thesis - Saul Borovyi as a “historian in the background of scholarship”. Such an approach allows to elucidate a number of new contexts. An erudite scholar, an “aristocrat from Brody” (where Borovyi’s mother came from), endowed with a high research culture, outstanding culturological, archival and bibliological knowledge, as well as with a certain multicultural atmosphere of someone from a southern imperial borderland, Borovyi was certainly a figure outside the rigid canon of the Soviet intellectual norm.