In Ukraine, the revolutionary changes of 1991 started with the promises of institutionalized democracy, pluralist politics, and a free economy, and ended up with...


The Price of Freedom

Serhii Plokhii ・ August 2016

For Ukraine, Russian aggression raised fundamental questions about its continuing existence as a united state, its independence as a nation, and the democratic...


Iza Chruslińska. The Ukrainian Palimpsest: Oksana Zabuzhko in Conversation with Iza Chruslinska

Oksana Forostyna ・ December 2014
Kyiv: Komora, 2014.
Translation from Polish by Dzvenyslava Matiyash, edited by Ivan Andrusiak and Oksana Zabuzhko.
Readers who simply enjoy Oksana Zabuzhko’s work will be grateful for tales about her childhood and adolescence, stages of intellectual biography, as well as for a “guidebook” to her writings: it includes everything, from research on Ivan Franko to miscellanea of correspondence with Yurii Shevelov (he is one of the main heroes of this “book of conversations,” too). Some discussions branch off not from her large works, but often from her essays. This conversation is thus double-edged: some of the annotations are needless for Ukrainians, but useful for Poles.

The Soldier in the Bell Tower

Ostap Slyvynsky ・ November 2014

In August 1914, when rumours began circulating in L'viv that Russian forces were approaching and people had to pack up and leave, my great uncle thought about...


Snyder calls both the Nazi and the Stalinist systems “transformative utopias.” But the attitude of the ruling elites of both these utopias to their own...


From the Editors of Feminist Critique: On the Launch of the Journal’s Website

Feminist Critique is a feminist journal. We consider feminism to be a political positionality and methodological toolkit that are specifically sensitive to power relations and inequalities. As the recent international events show, we still do not have an effective language to grasp political realities. Feminist Critique is our attempt to establish a platform for creation and development of such...
Olga PlakhotnikDecember 31, 2016

Any historical situation contains elements of both the particular and the universal. The job of the historian is to help disentangle the universal from the...


How I Became a Czech and a Slovak

Mykola Riabchuk ・ December 2014

The broadly trumpeted Czechoslovakian "normalization" of the 1970s had its ideological counterpart in Ukraine in another crackdown on "Ukrainian bourgeois...