Kurt Lewin. A Journey Through Illusions

Anastasiya Prymovych ・ March 2014
Lviv: Svichado, 2007.
Translated from English by Yaroslav Karp'yuk and Lesia Lysenko
Journey Through Illusion, published in the US in 1994 by Kurt Lewin—son of Lviv rabbi Ezekiel Lewin, witness to the Holocaust, colonel of the General Staff of the Israel Defence Forces and successful Wall Street financier—summarizes the author’s life journey, extending from intimate personal memory to collective memory and, therefore, to history. Of particular importance in Lewin's account are the sections on Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky and how the author writes of international relations and reflections of the memory of the Holocaust in the post-war Israeli, European and American worlds.

The discussions on the Holocaust and the Ukrainian famine are a reminder of a common pattern in East European intellectual history: As in the majority of such...