Petro Sas. The Sources of Ukrainian Nation-Building

Vasyl Kononenko ・ March 2014
Kyiv: Institute of History, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 2010.
Sas’ emphasis on the role of intellectuals in nation-building makes an important theoretical contribution to Ukrainian historiography: “the emergence of conditions for the transition of an ethnos to the nation-building stage presupposes the existence of certain qualitative changes in its spiritual culture, worldview, mentality and identity, spearheaded by intellectuals”. Progress in the cultural sphere in the 16th century - especially in education and book printing - engaged a wider circle of educated people and accelerated the nation-building process.

Ukrainians: Who Are They, and What Do They Want?

Yaroslav Hrytsak ・ August 2011

Russia is the only country that, since 1991, tells Ukrainians that Ukrainian independence is a temporary phenomenon, that the Ukrainian state is not capable of...


National Mobilization

We should see absolutely clearly that today Putin aims at the destruction of Ukraine’s project of statehood to a maximum degree; Crimea is merely a starting point for a full-scale plan of action. Rational arguments about the legitimacy of Ukraine’s authorities, the absence of objective threats to the free self-expression of any ethnic groups in Ukraine, etc., don't work here.
Oleh KotsyubaMarch 1, 2014