Reconciliation between parties in a violent conflict usually depends first of all on an end to the violence. In her contribution to this discussion forum, Oxana...


Re-enacting real war traumas through public performance may sound risky for the amateur actors of the Theater of the Displaced. This is the challenge for Alexei...


Democracy and the Right to Otherness

Alisa Novichkova ・ July 2014

Striving toward equality, the enactment of resolutions through the institutionalization of choice and the delegation of authority, recognizing the necessity of a...


Keep fighting – you are sure to win! God helps you in your fight!

Shevchenko is still awaiting a proper reception in English – and a translation of the bulk of his work that would match the brilliance of his poetic genius. Yet if we are to understand what is at the heart of Ukrainian identity, the Ukrainian people’s continuous strife for justice, and their courage to face brutal force when defending human rights and dignity, we ought to discover Shevchenko.
Oleh KotsyubaMarch 9, 2015