On Radosław Sikorski's Othering of Ukraine at Harvard

In Sikorski’s view, Poland and Ukraine demonstrate two diverging trajectories of development after the fall of communism: that of success and of failure respectively. At the beginning of the 1990s the two countries had almost equal starting positions (and Ukraine had an even better one), but then their paths diverged. Sikorski states that the main reason is the behavior of their elites.
Volodymyr SklokinDecember 8, 2014

The Iran Deal and the Ukraine-Russia-EU Triangle

Olena Pavlenko, Anton Antonenko, Roman Nitsovych ・ August 2015

The Iran crisis and its resolution have sent several powerful signals to the EU, Ukraine, and Russia. The first and perhaps most important signal is that...


Putin’s Endgame

Yuriy Gorodnichenko, Gérard Roland ・ September 2014

Putin's objective in Ukraine appears to be destabilization of the new government that emerged from the Euromaidan movement that toppled Yanukovich. The ultimate...