Everything that came to define the most dramatic, both memories and photographs, documents a wide range of artefacts from the revolution, and was captured...


Violence for Export? Ukrainian "Exotic" Cinema in London

Slaboshpyts’kyi’s "The Tribe," just like Loznitsa’s "Maidan," forced the audience to look and listen hard. The entire dialogue of the film is in the Ukrainian version of sign language. Although this language will be understood only partially by viewers with hearing impairments outside Ukraine and, with the exception of certain gestures, many scenes did not require translation.
Olesya KhromeychukOctober 23, 2014

Re-enacting real war traumas through public performance may sound risky for the amateur actors of the Theater of the Displaced. This is the challenge for Alexei...


Ukrainian Theater in Search of Reconciliation

Hanna Veselovska ・ June 2016

In much of contemporary experimental theater, the audience is encouraged to actively participate in the performance: through direct dialogue, through expressions...