Where the Rivers Come Together

Mark Isaac, Gabriela Bulisova ・ September 2018

Mykolaiv was created by Prince Grigory Potemkin at the confluence of the Southern Bug and Ingul Rivers for the purpose of building warships. But at a time when...


Maidan in Soviet Designs, 1943-1945

Martin Blackwell ・ July 2018

Only a few months after Kyiv was retaken from the Nazis in November 1943, the returning Stalinists started avoiding public mention of what had happened at places...


Free the Freedom Square!

Serhiy Zhadan, Yaroslav Hrytsak, Tetiana Zhurzhenko, Volodymyr Kravchenko, Mykola Riabchuk, Andrei Kurkov ・ February 2017

The Freedom Square complex is a reminder of a fleeting period of artistic freedom and active participation of Soviet architects in the world artistic process,...


We invite authors to contribute to this exciting new series at Krytyka, Ukraine’s leading intellectual journal celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2017. The...


Volodymyr Kravchenko. Kharkov/Kharkiv: The Borderland Capital

Vladyslav Yatsenko ・ March 2014
Vilnius: European Humanities University , 2010.
In this elucidation of the history of Slobozhanshchyna (Slobidska Ukraine) and Kharkiv, Volodymyr Kravchenko offers Ukrainian historians new perspectives on regional history writing. The book is comparative and employs the notions of borderland and the great frontier, as well as regional and national identity, with methodologies from urban studies and cultural geography, backed by substantial theoretical explanations. Many of its passages are inherently controversial, however this is likely what makes the monograph such a compelling read, bound to attract public interest and discussion.

Colombian Winter

Vasyl Makhno ・ February 2011

La muerte y el amor, with an emphasis on the “r” – perhaps with these two Spanish words it is possible to describe all of Colombian history. Civil wars, leftist...