Year XVII, Issue 9-10 (191-192)

November 2013
Mykhailo Minakov. A Framework for the Post-Soviet Demodernization
Szabolsc Pogonyj. After Democratic Transition
Volker Weichsel. The Outdatedness of Human Beings
Yulia Iemets-Dobronosova. Toward a Stupendous Future
Igor Torbakov. The “Eurasian” Orientation and its Discontents
Frederik Stjernfelt. Gagging for God
Sue Halpern. Are We Puppets in a Wired World?
Olesya Naydiuk. Ukrainian Soviet Kitsch, Veriovka Style
Olga Kyrylova. A Collective Body of Chinese Culture
Martin Scorsese. The Persisting Vision: Reading the Language of Cinema
Oleksandr Bojchenko. Why Grabowicz?

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