Viadrina Ukrainian Studies Conference. Rethinking Ukrainian Studies: Locally, Regionally, Transnationally

Thursday, May 16, 2019, 09:00 am - Friday, May 17, 2019, 05:00 pm
Prisma Ukraina
Frankfurt (Oder)
By registration only

Ukraine with its complex history, cultural diversity, post-Soviet political pluralism, and situational bilingualism is a fascinating and promising eld for interdisciplinary and translational research. What are the Ukrainian studies nowadays? How could they develop both locally and internationally? Which challenges and chances do they ought to the German university system? How could Ukrainian literature and history, as well as post-Maidan commemoration practices be conceptualized nowadays? What potential does Ukraine have for re-thinking the phenomenon of cultural, religious, and language heterogeneity in Europe?

Dates: 16 - 17 of May 2019

Place: Viadrina, Germany

10 Travel & Accommodation Grants are available for young researchers (MA and PhD students, postdocs) dealing with Ukrainian topics to attend the conference «Rethinking Ukrainian Studies: Locally, Regionally, Transnationally» and participate in all of its activities.

How to apply?
Please send your application in one pdf file:
- CV
- a short essay “How Ukrainian Studies Could be Reconsidered Nowadays”
to the email address until April 8, 2019.

Successful applicants will be awarded a travel grant (up to 200 Euro) and an
accommodation at the dormitory for two nights (16–18 May 2019).
They are also expected to prepare short reports/blogs/essays about the conference
to be published online.
Confirmation letters will be sent until April 15, 2019.

Prof. Dr. Andrii Portnov,
Chair of Entangled History of Ukraine,
Director of the PRISMA UKRAЇNA Research Network Eastern Europe

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