Mykola Riabchuk. The Stone and Sysyphus: Literary Essays

Hanna Protasova ・ August 2016
Kharkiv: Akta, 2016.
Original title in Ukrainian: Каміння і Сізіф: літературні есеї [Kaminnia i Sizif: Literaturni eseï]
In the preface to the book Riabchuk offers a brief description of his own path “from literary studies to political science,” due primarily to a shift known as the “ghettoization” of literary criticism already after Ukraine’s independence, its functioning mainly within a circle of the “consecrated” and “chosen,” and, therefore, also due to the minimal influence of critical writing on social transformation. The author proposes an important thesis in the context of the book of a mutual interdependence of both the elite and the egalitarian cultural worlds, of the need to build interpretative...

Yuliya Musakovska. Hunting for Silence

Svitlana Bohdan ・ January 2016
Ternopil: Krok, 2014.
The third book from Lviv poet, Yuliya Musakovska, Hunting for Silence is a collection of feminine and somewhat melancholy poetry. From a formal standpoint, her experiments with a melodic rhythm and a skillful possession of verse are attractive: both free and classical, syllabo-tonic and tonic. Thematically, the collection centers on the relationship between husband and wife. Moreover, several of the texts are devoted to the theme of motherhood, emerging from the particular feeling that develops when the newborn son becomes “the most important thing in the world.”