Corruption as a Value

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If we were to compare corruption to a parasite that feeds off our time, effort, and money, then it would be evident that the system in which we work, study, sell and consume is becoming increasingly more comfortable for the parasite, and quite limiting for us. Yet our attitude towards corruption is far from unequivocal. While we complain about it, even condemn it, we are also rationalizing it and are trying to justify our participation in it. So much so that it appears as if discussions about corruption tell us more about ourselves than about the nature of corruption. It seems that it is time to reconsider our ideas about corruption. What values is it based on? How and when did it become so prevalent? Does it offer anything more than just a temporary profit? Why does it meet only a week resistance? What motivates corrupt officials? Is there an escape from this system? In which ways do we personally support it? Is it possible - and at what cost - to dismantle it? These are some of the main questions discussed in this special topic.

Corruption: A Few Historical Remarks

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Behind the Scenes of Corruption

Volodymyr Dubrovsky ・ July 2012

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