The March-April, 2015 issue of Krytyka opens with “Taras Shevchenko: The Making of the National Poet” by George G. Grabowicz, editor-in-chief of Krytyka and Dmytro Čyževs’kyj Professor of Ukrainian Literature at Harvard. Professor Grabowicz examines some key moments which effected Taras Shevchenko’s role as National Poet, and “prophet” already during his lifetime, particularly his “programming”...

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In pursuing its vision of civil society and democratic values, Krytyka has established a new standard of discourse and inquiry that has been broadly recognized. Since its inception in 1997, Krytyka has addressed the central issues facing Ukraine and the region, and has included among its authors outstanding critics and scholars from Ukraine and the West, from Poland, Russia and Belarus.

12 чисел протягом року (шість примірників зі здвоєними числами)
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