Ukraine Is a Pluralistic Society

George P. Kent ・ April 2019

Elections should be about choices.  There are many choices in play in Ukraine in the two upcoming cycles – Presidential and parliamentary elections in 2019. ...


Reconciliation between parties in a violent conflict usually depends first of all on an end to the violence. In her contribution to this discussion forum, Oxana...


Since the end of 2014, we have been closely following the dramatic developments in the Russian Center of the International PEN – the Center where we used to have...


They are twenty, forty, sixty. They are women, and they are men. In their collective “we” there is weeping for justice, for incompleteness, for the...


The political parties that were destroyed by the flames of the Euromaidan will not soon spring back to life and begin to compete with the oligarchic groups. The...


From Borderlands to Bloodlands

Tetiana Zhurzhenko ・ September 2014

While Russia is a driving force behind the separatist movement, a significant portion of the local population actively or passively has supported the Donetsk and...


Ukrainians: Who Are They, and What Do They Want?

Yaroslav Hrytsak ・ August 2011

Russia is the only country that, since 1991, tells Ukrainians that Ukrainian independence is a temporary phenomenon, that the Ukrainian state is not capable of...


The Combatants (and the Myths) of the War in Donbas

Amandine Regamey and Anna Colin Lebedev kicked off the final afternoon of the Danyliw Seminar with a discussion of combatants in the war in Donbas: who they are and who they are believed to be.
Jennifer CarrollOctober 24, 2015

Internally Displaced Persons from Crimea and Donbas

The third and final day of the 2015 Danyliw Seminar began with presentations from Laura Dean and Greta Uehling about internally displaced persons (IDPs), people who have been forced by the Crimean annexation or the war in Donbas to relocate from their homes to elsewhere in Ukraine.
Jennifer CarrollOctober 24, 2015

The War in Donbas Up-close

The concluding panel of the second day of the Danyliw Seminar 2015 featured two presentations on observing the war in Ukraine’s East (parts of the Donbas region) through data available from open and official sources (presentation by Ralph S. Clem) and through immediate observation (presentation by Hilde Haug of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine).
Oleh KotsyubaOctober 24, 2015