Mapping the Maidan

Mykola Riabchuk ・ August 2015

David Marples, a prominent Canadian scholar of modern Ukraine and Belarus, and his younger colleague from the University of Alberta Frederick Mills have...


The political parties that were destroyed by the flames of the Euromaidan will not soon spring back to life and begin to compete with the oligarchic groups. The...


Metaphors of Betrayal

Mykola Riabchuk ・ December 2014

With Russia breathing down its neck, the last thing Kyiv needs is for Paris and Berlin and Washington to create a new axis of complacency that uses the...


Everything that came to define the most dramatic, both memories and photographs, documents a wide range of artefacts from the revolution, and was captured...


A Molotov Cocktail of One's Own

Tamara Zlobina ・ July 2014

Ukrainian collective consciousness employed all available resources, archetypes, and models to convince the “consciousness of the 1970s” that rising up made...


Kyiv's Euromaidan Is a Liberationist and Not Extremist Mass Action of Civic Disobedience

Andreas Umland, Mykhailo Minakov, Yaroslav Hrytsak, garan.oleksiy, John-Paul Himka, oleksandr.zaycev, anton.shekhovtsov, voznyak.taras, olya.gnatyuk, marta.dyczok, ievgen.zaharov, Volodymyr Kulyk, Andriy Portnov, shkandriy.miroslav, timoti.snayder, Tetiana Bezruk, sigov.kostyantin ・ February 2014

We call upon all those who have either no particular interest for, or no deeper knowledge of, Ukraine to not comment on this region’s complicated national...


Dreams of Europe

Volodymyr Yermolenko ・ February 2014

Western Europeans often talk about how they have lost their European vision, about how they concern themselves more and more with petty details rather than...


About Things Certain and Uncertain

This is not a war for territory. Clearly, while “Crimea-is-ours” warms the imperial soul, Putin does not need Sloviansk – he needs Kyiv. That does not necessarily mean Russian tanks in the Maidan. It rather means return to the previous arrangements, where Kyiv is a city of Kremlin puppets and of amusing gawky “khokhols" who even start celebrating the New Year one hour earlier.
Oksana ForostynaSeptember 5, 2014