Is Maidan the Defeat of Culture?

Culture on the Maidan was first and foremost a way to remind ourselves of our own values and motivations. Alongside the shields and bags of snow, culture was the building material for another space – a more amicable, ex-territorial body of hopes and humanity; the embassy of a utopian, idealized Europe. All that singing and collective action was the creation of an alternative “spiritual space”.
Ostap SlyvynskyMay 22, 2014

Maidan as a Symptom: Trauma, Wound, and Crypt

In Ukraine, where sacralization of the past was not only the vehicle but also the bane of national identity, it is especially important to go beyond the retroactive phantom pains which in the case of Maidan have become an open festering wound. Maidan should be transformed from “crypt” to “garden,” from “wound” to “scar” to allow us to think about the future and prepare for it. Are we ready for it?
Tamara HundorovaApril 16, 2014

Kremlin Tries Out New Tactics: Hostage Cities and Feudalization

Connection between the local and the global is a crucial and eternal issue. However, sometimes the depth of our understanding of the local events on limited (or seemingly limited) areas has a direct impact on our ability to perceive both the broad horizon and the little marks upholding the constructions that serve global plans. For instance, those of Ukraine's northern neighbor.
Yuliya Yemets-DobronosovaApril 16, 2014

The Right Sector Looses the Right Sector

After the developments at Euromaidan, the Right Sector became recognizable and made a lot of noise in media. It should be noted that mass media played an important role in forming the image of the RS. Of course, Ukrainian and Russian mass media presented and continue presenting it in two different ways. From the side of the Russian media, we mainly see ongoing information war.
Tetiana BezrukMarch 30, 2014

Embrace Ukraine, not Putin

Euromaidan’s events shift some of the key emphases. In recent months, Ukraine has contributed a new rhythm to Europe’s history. It has become the epicenter of a young, enthusiastic, energetic Europe where people believe in human dignity, fight for it, suffer for it, and even die for it. I have called this new Europe a «Europe of belief» as opposed to (and complemented by) a «Europe of rules».
Volodymyr YermolenkoMarch 5, 2014

Russian information warfare against the Maidan’s far-right aimed to discredit protests in Ukraine

Ряд новостных сообщений, которые публикуют по большей мере российские ресурсы, формирует образ правых организаций в вектор выгодный России, учитывая события в Крыму сегодня. Ранее, исследователи, в области украинского национализма, сделали коллективное заявление о том, что киевский Евромайдан является освободительной, а не экстремистской массовой акцией гражданского неповиновения.
Tetiana BezrukMarch 3, 2014