Ukrainian Feminism at the Crossroad of National, Postcolonial, and (Post)Soviet: Theorizing the Maidan Events 2013-2014

There are different interpretations whether the Maidan was led by far-right groups or not. We shall not get much into detail now but shortly describe our vision. Although many different political forces as well as apolitical masses joined the Maidan protests, although there were people of the right and people of the left, conservatives and liberal democrats, middle class and poor people...
Maria MayerchykNovember 24, 2015

On occasion of March 8th / The Women's Company, or the Right to Meanings (A Response to Mariya Mayerchyk’s Article)

Feminists/female citizens cannot ignore political and social developments in the country. Therefore, we couldn’t remain indifferent to the events of the past few months at the Maidan. We volunteered and continue to volunteer in various capacities (and not only in the kitchens, the so-called traditionally “feminine” area, or on the barricades – a traditionally “male” one).
tamara.marcenyukMarch 10, 2014

On Occasion of March 8th / Recasting of Meanings

Women have been consistently and impertinently othered at the Maidan. Of course, this practice is part of the post-Soviet “norm”, and female participants for the most part were unaware of being othered; such rhetoric seems respectful and familiar to them. Isolated individual attempts to oppose this trend were hardly noticeable – a woman’s voice in the male-dominated space can be barely heard.
Maria MayerchykMarch 8, 2014