One evening, in August 2014, Veronika was collecting her son from kindergarten in a town near Donetsk, just like every other day. A ceasefire had been promised,...


They are twenty, forty, sixty. They are women, and they are men. In their collective “we” there is weeping for justice, for incompleteness, for the...


The War in Donbas Up-close

The concluding panel of the second day of the Danyliw Seminar 2015 featured two presentations on observing the war in Ukraine’s East (parts of the Donbas region) through data available from open and official sources (presentation by Ralph S. Clem) and through immediate observation (presentation by Hilde Haug of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine).
Oleh KotsyubaOctober 24, 2015