Maidan in Soviet Designs, 1943-1945

Martin Blackwell ・ July 2018

Only a few months after Kyiv was retaken from the Nazis in November 1943, the returning Stalinists started avoiding public mention of what had happened at places...


Academic or Activist: How Should Scholars Engage the Public Sphere?

The twelfth and final panel of the 2015 Danyliw Seminar addressed broader issues of engaging in scholarly pursuits in times of war. In an ideal situation, Kotsyuba described, scholarly research should be integrated into policy making. This is often accomplished through the work of ‘think tank’ organizations, researchers working as political advisors, and even the advocacy of senior scholars who...
Jennifer CarrollOctober 26, 2015

The Maidan Effect: Opening Panel of the 2015 Danyliw Seminar

The Annual Danyliw Research Seminar on Contemporary Ukraine kicked off its 11th conference event with a lively examination of ‘The Maidan Effect’—the character and reach of the Maidan’s lasting effects across Ukrainian society.
Jennifer CarrollOctober 22, 2015

The Right Sector Looses the Right Sector

After the developments at Euromaidan, the Right Sector became recognizable and made a lot of noise in media. It should be noted that mass media played an important role in forming the image of the RS. Of course, Ukrainian and Russian mass media presented and continue presenting it in two different ways. From the side of the Russian media, we mainly see ongoing information war.
Tetiana BezrukMarch 30, 2014