Faith Hillis: "Children of Rus': Right Bank Ukraine and the Invention of the Russian Nation"

Faith Hillis’ new book, Children of Rus’: Right Bank Ukraine and the Invention of a Russian Nation (Cornell University Press, 2013), is, in her own words, a volume of surprising assertions. The book’s central claim is that 19th century Russian nationalism took its most potent form not in Russian urban centers like Moscow and St. Petersburg but in right bank Ukraine.
Jennifer CarrollOctober 23, 2015

Ukraine: Being a Victim

Ukraine is an unexperienced country, that's for sure. Having obtained independence in 1991, it has never fully relied on itself. Being dependent on the Russian energy supplies up until now, as well as on the sentiments of Western democracies, it used to think that the outside partners will never let the country down, which is not the best political approach.
Ivan VerstyukApril 2, 2015