Ukraine’s movement away from its former imperial master toward an international center of gravity finds numerous parallels in the history of the disintegration...


Legitimizing Myth-making and its Memorials

Valentyna Shandra ・ September 2010

In order to create a Russian historical space, the authorities extracted only a few historic events and phenomena from a rich and varied base of materials, and...


Faith Hillis: "Children of Rus': Right Bank Ukraine and the Invention of the Russian Nation"

Faith Hillis’ new book, Children of Rus’: Right Bank Ukraine and the Invention of a Russian Nation (Cornell University Press, 2013), is, in her own words, a volume of surprising assertions. The book’s central claim is that 19th century Russian nationalism took its most potent form not in Russian urban centers like Moscow and St. Petersburg but in right bank Ukraine.
Jennifer CarrollOctober 23, 2015