Ukraine under Russian Occupation: What Can We Do? The Estonian Lesson

Being vulnerable to destabilizing attacks by a hostile and cynical regime is a permanent situation for all of Russia's neighbors. We must keep the faith that one day the country's embattled pro-democracy movements will turn the tide and create a new, cooperative, and ultimately more stable Russia, but that time seems a long way off. Until then, Russia’s neighbors must endure and survive.
Michelle R. ViiseMarch 15, 2014

National Mobilization

We should see absolutely clearly that today Putin aims at the destruction of Ukraine’s project of statehood to a maximum degree; Crimea is merely a starting point for a full-scale plan of action. Rational arguments about the legitimacy of Ukraine’s authorities, the absence of objective threats to the free self-expression of any ethnic groups in Ukraine, etc., don't work here.
Oleh KotsyubaMarch 1, 2014